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The UK & Ireland Home of the Dosatron

Hingerose Limited is the UK and Ireland agent for the Dosatron range of water powered injectors for accurate dosing of liquid additives proportionately into water without the need for electric power.

Established in 1979, we have over 30 years' experience of the Dosatron in a diverse range of applications related to agricultural, horticultural, commercial and industrial market sectors.

Dosing without Electric Power

The Dosatron will accurately dose liquid additives proportionately into water without electric power and offers many benefits including:

  • consistent and accurate proportional dosing of liquid additives, irrespective of fluctuations in water pressure.

  • the Dosatron requires no electric power, since it is driven by water flow.

  • dose rates from 0.03% (1 part additive to 3,000 parts water) to 25% (1part additive to 4 parts water).

  • mixed solution on demand.

  • reduced need to directly handle potentially aggressive products.

  • controlled consumption of additives.

  • some 30+ years' experience in a wide variety of applications.

Selecting the Right Model

Dosatron model selection generally depends upon water flow rate, dose rate requirements and the nature of the liquid additive to be dosed. We would be pleased to discuss specific applications and additives in more detail as well as advising on dosing of additives into liquids other than water. Please contact us for further information.

Availability & Service

Dosatron units are normally available from our stock in Kettering, together with a comprehensive range of spare parts and selected accessories.

This is supported by our renowned customer service, excellent technical backup and repair service. We are always happy to discuss requirements and help in any way that we can.