Dairy Industry


The Dosatron is used for:


  • Cluster flushing - dosing peracetic acid into water to clean milking clusters.

  • Footbaths - dosing of formalin, copper sulphate, peracetic acid and proprietary additives into water as it flows into the footbath.

  • Cattle medication - dosing magnesium and other minerals into drinking water.

  • Cleaning, disinfection & sanitisation.

Suggested Models

For cluster flushing using peracetic acid:

​​​D25RE2 PVDF​​​​​​

For footbaths:

D3 range - D3RE3000, D3RE2, D3RE5, D3RE10

For cattle medication:


For cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation:

D25 range​​​ - D25RE2, D25RE5, D25RE10

D3 range - D3RE3000, D3RE2, D3RE5, D3RE10, D3RE25 IE


Exact models will depend upon water flow rate, dose rate requirements and the nature of your additive.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements​ in more detail.