Greenline Range

Dosatron Greenline Range

In horticultural and soft fruit growing industries, the Dosatron is used in many applications - examples include drip & sprinkler irrigation, misting & fogging, capillary systems, hydroponics, pH correction, soil disinfection, post-harvesting treatments & flower conservation. Since it offers a consistent proportional dose rate, the Dosatron can add flexibility to irrigation & fertigation systems, allowing the producer to easily take action wherever it may be considered to be necessary.

Suggested models

For fertiliser application:

D3GL3000 Greenline 

D3GL2 Greenline 

D3GL5 Greenline 

D3GL10 Greenline 


D9GL2 Greenline

D8GL2 Greenline

D20GL Greenline

D30GL Greenline

For other irrigation applications:

D3 range - D3RE3000, D3RE2, D3RE5, D3RE10

D45 range - D45RE1.5, D45RE3, D45RE8

D8 range - D8RE2, D8RE5


Exact models will depend upon water flow rate, dose rate requirements and the nature of your additive.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.