Water Treatment

The Dosatron is used in legionella control, chlorination, control of Pseudomonas and similar bacteria, wastewater treatment, polymer dosing (flocculants / coagulants) and related applications. For dosing of polymers which become viscous when mixed with water, we suggest using the new D25WL2IEPO model.

Suggested models

For polymer applications

D25WL2IEPO Waterline

Suggested models

For water treatment applications:

D3WL3000IE Waterline

D3WL2 Waterline

D8WL3000IE Waterline

D30WL5000 Waterline


Suggested Models

D25 range - D25RE2, D25RE5, D25RE10, D25R2 IE PO

D3 range - D3RE3000, D3RE2, D3RE5, D3RE10, D3RE25 IE

D8 range - D8RE2, D8R5


​Exact models will depend upon water flow rate, dose rate requirements and the nature of your



Please ​contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.