Hingerose Ltd celebrates 40 years in business

Pig World Article - Nutrition Supplement

Check out our article on the benefits of water medication as a more targeted method of treating pigs in Pig Worlds February Edition.

Annoucing the Launch of the Hingerose Ltd. YouTube channel

Have you ever had difficulty understanding how to do a seal kit change? Or wondered how to use a strap wrench? Well now we can help you with our new YouTube channel!

Hingerose wants to help their customers to be able to undertake the simple maintenance procedure of their units and what better way to do that than via video tutorials. We intend to create a playlist of videos that give you an insight into what we do, inform you of Dosatron news and as a way of offering technical help. If there is any burning question you have for us where a video may help you then please do contact us and let us know.

Stay tuned to the Hingerose channel by subscribing and enable notifications to get all updates as we go live! Also, don’t forget to share and like our videos. Let your friends and professional colleagues who may benefit from this, know about Hingerose Ltd. 

Hingerose wins title at UK Dairy Day

Hingerose Ltd. Awarded Best Small Internal Trade Stand

We were extremely pleased to have been awarded Best Small Internal Trand Stand at UK Dairy Day 2017.

We pride ourselves on our presentation so to be recognised by such an organisation will be something that we celebrate. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank UK Dairy Day for this award and look forward to the next event in 2018.

First ATEX certified units supplied!

We are pleased to announce that Hingerose Ltd recently became the first partner distributor of Dosatron to receive an order for the new ATEX certified Dosatron units! The units will help to ensure that the customer remains compliant with the ATEX workplace and equipment directives 99/92/EC and 94/9/EC and the BIS Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 1996 (SI 1996/192) .

ATEX refers to explosive atmospheres, characterised by a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gases, vapours, mists or dusts. ATEX regulations are relevant to several industries including mining, metal working, recycling, food processing (particularly sugar, flour and other grains) and wood transformation.

For ATEX certified orders we need certain pieces of additional information from our customers to ensure that we can meet the necessary record keeping requirements.

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